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recommendations from colleagues

Move, Inc. (


"Chi joined our small but rapidly growing team to help out building the next generation of professional software. It was a very challenging environment as we were trying to gather different features from various products and put them into one consolidated product. There had been lots of ambiguities and unknown areas in both design and technical perspectives but Chi had done an excellent job of learning the new product in a short period of time and delivered amazing designs by collaborating with her peer designers, product owners, and engineers." - Principal UX Designer

"Chi is the type of designer who will help elevate the morale, skill, and results of people around her. She was always willing to help and raise questions and was great at providing meaningful feedback as well as integrating feedback received in a thoughtful manner to iterate quickly. I found it invaluable to bounce designs and ideas off her, as I knew whatever came back was well thought out from both a user and product perspective, and would help strengthen my own work. Working on the same team as Chi has left a positive impact on me, and I'm confident she'll have the same positive impact on any team she decides to join." - UX Designer

"I collaborated with Chi extensively on the concept, design and launch of a business-critical product (Local Expert℠ Ads) crucial to the company’s growth plans. She was consistently poised in interactions with colleagues, delivered high-quality, well-thought-out UX & design and demonstrated ability to engage in discussion not only from a consumer point of view but also from a product & go-to-market perspective." - Product Owner

"Chi was a real pleasure to work with. In her role as a designer, she always asked deeper questions to better understand the problem that she would ultimately be trying to solve with her designs. Going back and forth with Chi was always easy and educational. We'd both learn and discover options and opportunities as we fleshed out designs to the problem. Chi's designs were always clear and she explained and presented them very well both to myself and a larger audience of stakeholders. Chi has my full recommendation and I would not hesitate to work with her again." - Product Manager

"Working with Chi over the past 3 years has been an absolute pleasure. She is very collaborative with clear communication skills, which made her an essential team member of our UX team. Her work has successfully demonstrated her ability to pay attention to details, problem-solving skills, and analytical thinking. She is always eager to grow and diligent about learning and reading, not only with UX, but product development in general. On a personal note, she is approachable and friendly. We all loved working with Chi and if there is another opportunity, I will not hesitate to work with Chi again." - Senior UX Designer

"It's has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Chi. In the 3 years I worked with her, I have seen her grow tremendously as a UX designer, from participating in user studies to wire-framing, concept work and final designs, she can be relied on to deliver high quality work. She is also a great collaborator within the design team, and cross-functionally with product and engineering teams. I would be delighted to work with her again." - Lead UX Designer

Syscon Justice Systems


"I've recently worked with Chi in the UX Team at Syscon Justice Systems. From day one, she was able to assimilate herself into the team's culture and nature of work. She has always been a reliable teammate and friend who was ready to offer unbiased feedback and deliver impeccable results. She adhered to UX principles, but allowed for flexibility depending on the context and client at hand. If given the chance, I'd surely work with her again." - UX Designer

"Chi has an awesome work attitude and is always ready to understand the needs of the users before starting her designs. She is creative and usually thinks out-of-the-box so as to meet the user's requirements and incorporate good user experience in her designs. Chi is an awesome team player and a great team member to have." - Product Owner


"Chi worked with us during our data mining activities where we turned a huge number of problem reports into ranked change requests. Chi was excellent at understanding technical requests and translating them into personal information requests for each user who had generated a report. After collecting responses, she provided summaries and got subject matter experts involved only when they were needed." - Senior Software Engineer

"I had the pleasure of working with Chi when she was an intern in our User Experience team. Her task was to research how other software vendors inform their users about new features and functions. I very much appreciated her thorough and efficient research. Her way of preparing and presenting the results to the project team was excellent. She did not only carry out the research but proactively created mockups, thus showing her great passion for user interface design. Her friendly working style, her commitment and reliability make her a great part of any team." - Knowledge Architect

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